Headshot image of Laura, a white woman with red-blonde hair tied up in a low bun. She is looking past the camera and smiling

Laura Barrow

Inclusion Consultant & Assistive Technology Trainer

Pronouns: She/Her

Laura is one of D&A’s Assistive Technology Trainers. Laura is a MA Contemporary History graduate from Brighton that specializes in digital applications for historical teaching, learning, and archiving. Her experience with higher education, as a person recently diagnosed with Narcolepsy, was deeply reflected in her interest in using digital applications and technology to widen digital inclusion and improve our experiences.

Laura has a passion for technology and the wonders it can do for people. Laura feels that digital diversity and inclusion are critical in a time like now when everything is switching online. Laura tries her hardest to empathise with people and make the time and space to really listen to people and understand their experiences.