Nathan Southward

Assistive Technology Trainer

Spending most of his life living in the hills of Northumberland, Nathan now lives in the City of Newcastle. He’s spent the best part of 16 years working in and around computers and telecoms, however educating those in the use of technology and software, sometimes even needing to explain a DVD drive is not a cup holder, is where he feels his best.

He’s decided to follow his childhood dream of becoming a mad scientist inventor, so is currently studying Mechanical Engineering, with the long-term goal of building himself his own Ironman suit.

He was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 14 but never believed the myths that “dyslexics can’t” that are wrongly associated with it. He’s spent the last 5 years working self-employed as a copywriter (not to be confused with copyright), is currently writing a number of sci-fi fantasy books as well as a vegan cookbook. And is also an avid reader.

In his spare time he enjoys martial arts, being creative, working on his motorbike, experimenting in the kitchen and playing pranks on friends.

His favourite word in the English language is slubberdegullion.