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Nikita Montlake

Inclusion Consultant and Needs Assessor

Nikita originally grew up in South Africa but has been based in the UK for just over 10 years now. She is passionate about people and passionate about social justice and is a firm believer that diversity & inclusion is, just simply, good for business.
Nikita first studied History of Art to indulge her love of all things beautiful. She then went on to study Social Policy and Development which ignited her interest in social innovation and recently graduated from Year Here where she tried her hand at social entrepreneurship. In a past life, Nikita did two years working in advertising but managed to leave just before the industry ate her soul and is now excited to be starting her career in the social innovation space and as an advocate for birth deformities.

When Nikita is not attempting to make the work a more tolerant place, she can usually be found training her dog or reading books about how to understand her dog’s body language. Otherwise she’s probably just watching some form of reality TV or competition show.