Queenie Osborne

Study Skills Tutor (SpLD)

Queenie has had three careers in their life so far! They were a bank clerk, a legal secretary and now a teacher. Queenie became a teacher because they wanted to do something that would occupy and stimulate them. So, they became a mature student and went back into education: that was quite a while ago now.

Fast-forward several years and Queenie has now worked in education for over 25 years. Firstly as an English teacher then as a dyslexia specialist, assessing and supporting SpLD students.

Queenie’s work is usually in the FE and HE sector and they have lots of experience tutoring English, History, Sociology and many other subjects: study skills’ strategies work across the board, no matter the subject. They have supported and taught at all levels, including undergraduate and graduate levels. They have also taught English to several groups of Saudi children in a new school for children with special needs.

Queenie’s instruction involves lots of multisensory teaching and they like to cultivate a safe, lively and constructive atmosphere in their sessions. This, Queenie believes, enables their students to engage all of their senses in the learning process and hopefully, to enjoy the experience: all of which will facilitate learning.

When they aren’t not working, Queenie enjoys cycling, swimming and water aerobics classes and of course, getting together with friends and family.