Profile photo of Rox , a white presenting person with black styled hair who is smiling opened mouthed at the camera from over their shoulder

Roxanne Steel

Accessibility and Inclusion Specialist

Pronouns: they/she

A 90s kid born with Cerebral Palsy with a background in financial services and advocacy, Rox became a freelance equity consultant during Covid, before transitioning into her role with us at D&A.

Roxanne has worked closely with a number of organisations including DRUK, Kronik Warriors and Young Women’s Trust, training as an Activist with Young Women’s Trust, supporting the creating and delivery of campaigns including the Universal Credit £20 uplift. Rox continues to be a very passionnate campaigner and content creator, and loves supporting conversations around mental health and intersectionality.

When she isn’t working you’re likely to find her listening to true crime podcasts!