Sandhya Ramautar

Inclusion Consultant & Specialist Mentor (MH)

Being creative is so important because it lets you unleash your hidden potential; Sandhya believes in being a good role model for our youth and young adults, providing art as a form of therapeutic expression.

Sandhya has encountered young people performing academically well when all their needs and abilities are catered for. They are a qualified Art psychotherapist (HCPC and BAAT registered) and has graduated with a Master’s in Art Psychotherapy from Goldsmiths University. Sandhya also holds a BA Hons degree in Technical Arts and special effects for stage, screen and theatre, from Wimbledon School of Art, University of Art’s London. They are an experienced prop maker and model maker artist. They have experience in set design and working briefly as part of my degree at Madame Tussauds. Sandhya also sells and commissions their work out to individuals and church organisations, being involved in workshops to help motivate parents and carers to share and be more expressive with their children to tap into their creativity.

Sandhya is part of the NTCG and has been blessed to work with some very talented people, where during the summer as part of the youth programme, they helped to run creative art workshops. Sandhya has worked as a Resident Artist in school’s supporting the curriculum where they have taught children the full art curriculum from sculpture, drawing, and model making. Sandhya has worked with dyslexic, autistic and vulnerable children doing expressive art therapy projects, and has supported community arts projects, after-school clubs, and a gifted and talented club.

As an Art Psychotherapist, Sandhya works alongside the following organisations and establishments: – Charity sector, hospitals, hospices, CAMHS, PRU’S, schools, universities and the NHS sector. They also practice privately as a HCPC, BAAT registered Art Psychotherapist.