Sarah Fairman

Workplace Strategy Coach

For the last 10 years, Sarah has worked in the NHS in HR & Wellbeing. They enjoy empowering people with their health & wellness and coaching individuals to support their own wellbeing.

When Sarah came across D&A, they were keen to find out more about the services provided after being referred via Access to Work. Sarah was so impressed with the array of supportive tools and training that D&A provide and how they will make a huge difference to how Sarah carries out their work in the workplace. As Sarah has struggled in work having an autistic spectrum disorder, knowing that there is an organisation that can help, Sarah knew they had to get on board and be part of a team that can make a difference in the way people learn and carry out their work.

Sarah loves technology and prides themselves on being able to simplify complex procedures using visuals and condensing/chunking key learning points to help teach an individual effectively and meet their learning style needs. As a qualified adult learning trainer, Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with all different learning styles and abilities, having worked as a trainer for Reed In Partnership, West Cheshire College, Cambridge & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust and Green Apprentices.

Sarah’s spare time is filled with plenty of outdoor fun – walking the high ropes at Go Ape, mindfulness at the beach, forest bathing in North Wales, family bike rides and when indoors watching the US version of The Office – comedy is great for your wellbeing.