Soledad Jewell

Specialist Mentor (MH)

Soledad is delighted to be part of the D&A team. They have been a counsellor for many years both privately and for companies. They have experience in supporting people mentally with their education and their wellbeing and can see how important it is to support adults, young adults, adolescents and children fully.

Sole is Spanish, but has been in England since 1989, so is aware of diversity and different cultures and how important it is to be understood by others. Sole’s educational background has also focused on mentoring young people. Communication is essential and to be able to feel that you have been listened to and supported along your journey. Part of Soledad’s role will be to do this and signpost the correct person or organisation that you need.

Soledad’s approach is very warm and honest, and they understand how difficult it is to be away from home and your
family. Sole speaks English, Spanish and a reasonable amount of Italian. Outside of work, Soledad loves cooking, music, cinema, and entertaining. Soledad also loves travelling and getting to experience different cultures.