Headshot image of Solène, a white woman in her mid-thirties with long wavy light-brown hair, wearing a black dress, and smiling

Solène Anglaret

Inclusion Consultant

Solène Anglaret is a storyteller whose mission is to break down borders and bring people all over the world closer together. Her areas of focus include diversity & inclusion, neurodiversity & mental health, and innovation, leadership, and culture.

Over the past 12 years, Solène has lived and worked in seven different countries: France, Norway, US, UK, China, Australia, and UAE. As a multipotentialite who is creative and curious, her experience spans across a wide range of businesses and industries. From Veolia (environment), to Thomas Cook, Expedia Group, Harri (tourism and hospitality),  Solène decided to specialise in diversity & inclusion at Innovate UK (innovation). 

In 2018, Solène started her own venture: Be Beyond Borders. She published four books, including travel memoir Where to Next? and children’s story ‘Where Are You From?’. Solène also hosts the talkshow ‘The Inclusion Conversation’, is a cast member of The BPD Bunch, and a recurring guest and presenter on various podcasts and events. In 2023, she was named as one of the Top 50 most influential neurodivergent women in the UK. 

Outside of work and her many passion projects, you’ll find Solène travelling, writing, exercising, spending time with her friends and family, and… eating too much chocolate!