A smiley selfie of Tamara, a white woman with dark brown hair

Tamara Armenti

Disability Services Coordinator

Pronouns: she/her

Tamara joined the Operations Team, after working for 2 years as a Teaching Assistant. She completed a Master’s in Social and Organisational Psychology in Italy, where she grew up and lived before moving to the UK. Tamara admires what D&A does and stands for and she is grateful to be in a position that enables her to support neurodiverse and disabled individuals in education and in the workplace.

Tamara loves cats, Ted talks about neurodiversity, women empowerment and mental wellbeing and watches an awful lot of true crime documentaries. She is also a devoted charity shopper and enjoys hiking.
When not working for D&A, Tamara will happily visit her family, who are spread between Italy and Finland.