Profile photo of Tia, a white woman with short red hair, in a grey jumper who is smiling at the camera.

Tia Price

Study Skills Tutor (SpLD)

Pronouns: she/her

A Gen X girl with undiagnosed (but no doubt) ADHD and mother to an ADHD diagnosed boy. A background in support work (Autism), tutoring English and a love for studying herself.

Currently studying for a PhD in Death studies, her first published chapter with Routledge will be out Summer 2022; Tia is also expanding her expertise in study skills support. Having worked as a Lecturer in a busy SEN/Foundation department and taught English to learners with SpLD, she currently assesses online courses on Autism, SpLD and young peoples mental health. Her son’s experience of mainstream school has motivated Tia to push for more understanding around ADHD, and to find strategies that cultivate confidence and self love.

Tia loves her work, but also loves anything artistic, to mooch in woodland and to read about all things death