Wendy Allonby Profile

Wendy Allonby

Specialist Mentor (MH)

Wendy is very excited to come on board with Diversity and Ability as a Specialist Mentor and am passionate about Well-being and being alongside you as you settle into and progress through University Life. Ability (Enabling) is what Wendy focuses on as an Occupational Therapist. Diversity is part of their own personal journey especially as a parent – a significant driver for this role, ‘first-hand’ experience has proved to be really helpful when working with young people in their Mental Health NHS role.

About YOU: Firstly, Wendy wants to get to know you, what led you to choose your field of study? What are your hopes and dreams? What you’re passionate about, what else is important in your life? Wendy will be looking to you for tips as you know YOU best, what works or not for you? They will be there alongside listening to your perspective, helping you fine-tune your goals, weigh up potential solutions and uncover resources, trialling new techniques, technology, communication skills, helping you optimise your learning environment and putting your plans into action.

About Wendy: They don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we are ALL unique with our own histories, beliefs, values, preferences, identity and footprint. Wendy has trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and a range of psychological approaches and worked in a wide range of settings for over 35 years, including running their own business part-time. Wendy’s clients comment most about their non-judgemental approach, calming influence, authenticity, warmth, respect and compassionate stance and how this has helped them develop trust, recover, realise strengths, grow their own self-awareness and shape a meaningful, fulfilling and healthier life – this comes from training as a Counsellor and as Personal Performance Coach alongside being an O.T (and Wendy’s own ‘lived in’ experiences with health challenges). They feel privileged to work alongside clients and love it when they feel well enough to take their own lead and ownership of their results through their curiosity, hard work and commitment

Outside of work, Wendy loves spending time with their 4 children, snuggling up with two border terrier dogs, nurturing mini-lop bunnies, walking, deer watching/trees & nature, gardening, photography, creative arts and dance, discovering new music artists, and d.i.y./design. Wendy’s husband prefers to do the cooking… As you can see, Wendy’s a chatterbox and loves meeting new people.