Testimonials: Employee

D&A has been the first [company] where I felt I had experienced support on an individual basis not just down to my dyslexic quirks but what also worked best in the environment I worked in, my role and within the parameters of the company I work for.

- Employee, Barclays

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Employee, Barclays

I found the wellbeing session that I attended to be extremely refreshing and very eye-opening. I will always be the person that cares about others but [my mentor] really made me think how I need to take care of myself and I am so grateful for the session I had.

- Employee, Utilita

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Employee, Utilita

“I am fairly useless with computers and normally take ages to pick up new things related to technology but after each session, I felt confident about what I had been taught and excited that there were easier ways of doing things I had to develop my own long, complicated methods for in the past. I am so glad I chose to use D&A over my recommended AT trainers and wouldn’t hesitate to suggest Tim to friends and colleagues.”

- Employee receiving Assistive Technology support