Testimonials: Student feedback

“I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I didn’t have to explain my difficulties in order for the mentors to understand my viewpoint as they came with a wealth of personal experience to overcoming dyslexia. What makes them experts in their field is the fact that they also have dyslexia and are living proof of how to successfully overcome the barriers we face.”

- Ebony Phipps Thomas, Undergraduate, Goldsmith University

“Today was just my first session but I was absolutely amazed at how the trainer immediately pinpointed my learning difficulties and the areas I struggled with and how he used the equipment provided to aid these problems. All this was done without me uttering more than a few words. I am elated that someone finally understands my struggles. My confidence has soared and I am certain that I will now excel with my course.”

- Emine Mercan, Undergraduate, London South Bank University