Testimonial: Sasha Dixon, Utilita

Sasha Dixon, Utilita

Customer Service Team Leader (Extra Care)

“Firstly I would like to say that the [Wellbeing and Mental Health] mentoring has just become the most valuable support for the team, especially during lockdown. The role that my team provides has become so much tougher over this period as some of our customers are in really desperate situations. Having to adapt to working away from the security and support of the team to their home environment has been a real struggle for some of them. Home is normally their safe place and we are asking them to take these difficult situations into their homes. They are having no work/home-life separation.

Having this additional support for the team has been invaluable for them and also for me knowing that they are getting support. I do try to be everything to everyone but I also understand my own limitations!

I believe that providing this resource has made my team feel valued and that we really care about their wellbeing. There are so many other members of our staff in other areas of our business that could benefit from this.”

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