Written by Tim Hopker-Blunt

iThoughts is a touchscreen, mind mapping tool for the iPhone and iPad. Use it to create detailed visual plans, take colour-coded notes, or just to throw down as many ideas as you can about something, wherever you are. It lets you incorporate images, hyperlinks and various other resources into each idea. And you can use the note feature to add extra details. This map can then be exported via email or cloud-storage to any other person or device – even if they have different mind mapping software.

Best Features

  • Hands-on topic ordering
  • Research tool for quick web-searching
  • Add notes, images, hyperlinks, icons, doodles and attachments
  • Project management tools (e.g. progress, start/end dates, priority, effort)
  • Fully customisable visual attributes (e.g. colour, size, shape, layout)
  • Exports to Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Xmind, Mindview and many other formats
  • Over 70 shortcuts for external keyboard

Why I Love iThoughts

This app has changed my life! Being able to create mind maps whenever and wherever I am means that I’m not locked to my desk or my computer when I want to create vibrant, visual documents that I can use to store ideas and information. Then, having a huge range of formats to export to means that I can share these ideas with pretty much anyone I need to, or move it into another application in order to turn it into a linear format to work from.

There are some great FAQs and videos for iThoughts on the app developer’s website.