Tim Hopker-Blunt

Assistive Technology Trainer, Workplace Strategy Coach, Wellbeing Mentor

Tim’s life and work revolve around people: communicating, training and empathising. Having trained as a counsellor, worked as a call-centre customer adviser, and captained his university Ultimate Frisbee team, he certainly has experience in trying to understand and connect with people as well as leadership and instruction skills.

Working as a trainer for D&A offers him the dream role in which he can combine all three of these specialities; connecting with people on a daily basis, making the most of his patient and enthusiastic nature, and leading the way in holistic AT training. It’s no wonder Tim is so passionate about working for D&A.

Authored resources

Signpost Words Guide

Point the reader in the right direction whilst making connections between ideas and arguments in your essay or presentation.



iThoughts is a touchscreen, mind mapping tool for the iPhone and iPad. Use it to create detailed visual plans, take colour-coded notes, or just to throw down as many ideas as you can about something, wherever you are. It lets you incorporate images, hyperlinks and various other resources into each idea.


Dragon Dictate

With Dragon Dictate you can produce reports, email, articles, books, research notes, online content and more - quickly, easily and accurately. Smart phone and tablet users can connect Dragon to their mobile devices and talk into its built in microphones to allow the words to type up on your computer screen.