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Introducing: Assistive Technology


Innovation within assistive technology is huge! With assistive technology (AT) covering everything from time management tools, to braille displays, there’s AT out there for everyone. But with so much innovation out there, knowing where to start can feel like a daunting task! 

What is Assistive Technology Training?

Did you know that texting was originally an assistive technology (AT)? 

Assistive technology is any software or device that increases, maintains or improves accessibility and inclusion. This covers assistive technology that can help you communicate, listening technology, assistive devices like scanning pens, braille displays, communication aids. 

If you’re looking to enable yourself and your team with knowledge of what assistive technology is and how it could improve and enhance each individual’s working life, this session is for you.

We’ll show you the ropes in our three-hour workshop: ‘Assistive Technology – Uncovering Global Tools for Inclusion’. 

Who is Assistive Technology Training for?

You may be working in:

  • Human Resources (HR)
  • IT
  • People and Culture Management
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Leadership


Two people sit at a desk in front of a laptop screen. The person on the left is a non-binary white person, who is pointing at the laptop screen as if demonstrating something. The person on the right is a white woman, who is wearing headphones and smiling as she focuses on the laptop screen.

Why is D&A’s Assistive Technology training the best option for you?

Gain strategies for your team

Finding the right assistive technologies for your team is the first step. Building the confidence and the know-how to use them in a strategic way is another matter. Fatigue and barriers are reduced when AT is embedded strategically into your workflow. 

Increase productivity

There is so much innovation in assistive technology, with the potential to make many of our everyday processes that little bit easier. Think of how much time your team will save!

Upskill yourself

Give yourself the best strategies to use AT to meet your own needs and become an ambassador for inclusive and assistive technology in your workplace

If you have something specific in mind, get in touch. We are always delighted to talk with past or potential clients about your specific interests and answer any questions.

Request a bespoke package

Find out how to start encouraging your team to start using AT!

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