Built Environment Accessibility Audit

Many Built Environment Accessibility Audits focus solely on physical access. Our audit considers many different barriers for many different individuals, ensuring that all who enter your space feel an anticipatory welcome.

We don’t just talk about Access Auditing; we’re certified experts in it, per the Equality Act. Because when it comes to opening doors for everyone, our certified expertise ensures you’re not just compliant – you’re a leader in embracing diversity with confidence!


Adam a wheelchair user boards a train.

What are Built Environment Accessibility Audits?

Graphic of a shop with a ramp and steps.

An environmental accessibility audit, sometimes called a built environment access audit or a physical access audit, is a meticulous assessment of spaces to ensure they are fully accessible to everyone, including disabled people. Our diverse team of experts conduct thorough evaluations to identify any barriers that exclude people from accessing and participating in diverse environments, including offices, public spaces, educational institutions, and more.

Why is our Built Environment Accessibility Audit the best option?

Go above and beyond legal compliance

Ensure compliance with legal frameworks as a foundational step in fostering an equitable and inclusive workplace environment.

Create spaces for everyone to access

Create inclusive and welcoming spaces to foster a sense of belonging for all and open the door to a broader spectrum of consumers and potential candidates.

Protect your brand and safeguard your reputation

Today’s consumers increasingly value businesses that actively contribute to positive social impact. Safeguard your brand reputation by upholding social responsibility

‘We first had D&A visit our sites for physical accessibility audits. The audit results pointed out what we were doing well while also giving us prioritised recommendations that helped us improve accessibility in our facilities for disabled and non-disabled employees alike.’


-Avery Dennison

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