Remote Resource #5: Assistive Technology Free Trials

8th May 2020 by Raphaele von Koettlitz

Bringing D&A’s #RemoteResourcesWeek to an end, we’ve got one last treat in store! We have compiled a list of our favourite assistive technology (AT) that offer free trials and we have included some useful links to get you started.

It can be hard to know which software will suit your needs before you’ve tried it, or perhaps you might need urgent access before you have a paid version. These free trials will get you going, so you can hit the ground running.

Who is this useful for?

  • Students applying for the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA), particularly those who may be experiencing delays because of the reduced capacity of needs assessment centres and Student Finance England. It gives students the chance to access AT ahead of any deadlines while they wait. It also helps to make informed choices about whether the software will fit their needs.
  • All students looking for tools to support their learning – we all learn differently, so there’s something for everyone… who doesn’t want to use a software that magically compiles their bibliography!? (check out Zotero!)
  • Employees applying for Access to Work (AtW) support who may want to access software before their support is put in place. Or to try things out and make an informed decision over what software will be beneficial, before or during the assessment process.
  • Anyone in the workplace keen to find technology that makes their workflow smoother. There is a range of tools that can support productivity, core skills (such as reading and writing) and generally make work and home life easier!
  • Absolutely anyone who may benefit from assistive technology in their day-to-day life. This software supports with many core skills from reading to writing, helping you achieve your potential.

Download list


After the trials

For anyone that’s not eligible for DSA or AtW funding, and may not be able to access the paid versions of the software once their trials have run out, we suggest checking out the Assistive Technology Scholarship.

The scholarship provides access to all the major assistive technology packages that can support learning, working and day-to-day life. The scholarship is open to absolutely anyone, and winners receive Global AutoCorrect, Read & Write, Mindview and Sonocent Audio Notetaker. Winners would also get access to tutorials and videos, and personalised training on the software.

What next?

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